What happened to Fadal ??

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What happened to Fadal ??

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:19 am

A customer told me they are no more. What happened?
Seems like they were passed around (Thyssen Krupp, MAG) Did they get sold to yet someone else or are they gone forever? Sure are a lot of old ones still running in my area.


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Re: What happened to Fadal ??

Post  bobw on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:44 am

Same old crap, bought by a larger company (MAG), and then they went to crap. The pursuit of next quarters profits vs. long term

The whole 104D control kind of kicked them in the balls and started the big downhill slide. If you don't recall somewhere in the mid 2000's they came out with that crap control. Shipped over 200 machines with a faulty untested control. They had to bring them all back and retrofit them.

A while back, a year or two ago they were selling all their new machines in inventory at a HUGE discount. And that was it I guess.

I still love my old ones, a '93 and a '94. I love the controller. Its so simple, the utilities are fantastic. Everybody that I've ever had use it, loves it, especially if they came from Fanuc's. Sad to see that go, really is a fantastic interface(wish it was faster...). The machine themselves, just keep rebuilding them, easy and cheap to maintain. They could probably still sell that basic machine and probably pretty cheap too.

Standard Fadal disclaimers apply, tool changes will put you to sleep, they do break, they are no Mori or Mazak, they do wear and require some basic maintenance to keep them in tip top shape. Fantastic job shop machines, buy 2, they're cheap.


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