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Post  Admin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:55 am

First, let me welcome you as a new or prospective member. I hope you will join our community as a contributor, and a beneficiary of knowledge and experience afforded by machinists all over the world.

So what is the purpose of this new board? After all, aren't there multiple forums and message boards, dedicated to this industry, already populated with thousands of members? Sure there are, and I'm a member/user on many of them. But most have become over-categorized, over-moderated, and just plain bloated. Some even assault your senses with constant flash animation and endless commercial ads. (I actually started this because my favorite machining forum decided to suicide it's classifieds section so hopefully this one will be easier to use).

How will we be different? This board will be about you and what you want. Feel free to make suggestions. If it's reasonable and a positive improvement for the group as a whole I'll see if can be implemented. I don't care what's in your avatar as long as it's not gross or offensive.. I don't care if you chose not to include your location in your profile. I'm not interested in moderating every post that gets posted. You won't get banned here for mentioning the words "Chinese" and "hobby lathe" in the same sentence. Have fun. Contribute something or lurk and learn. You're welcomed here.

Rules: (Yes, there are a few basic rules, you knew there would be.. right?) Wink
Play nice. No direct attacks and no baiting of others. Try to keep it respectful and use your common sense.
Politics and religion have no place in a machining forum so let's just leave it at that. And please.. please.. please: Try to keep it relevant to machining.

This is free forum software and with free you get the limitations that come with it. Please be patient.. I will be making running changes and improvements as we go, and I am open to suggestions. We need you here. This experiment won't survive without membership and participation, so please help us make it happen.



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CNS Machine

Post  iqbalahmad on Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:26 am

I think YouTube has always played a big role in learning for us so in this post we learn and read about Developing your new invention can be a real challenge. Funds are usually limited and it is difficult get great advice at a low cost while at the same time protect your intellectual property . Its machines New York City specializing in prototype development design for manufacturing machine.


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